Hydrofoiler XE-1


Hydrofoiler XE-1

The world’s first water bike that replicates the cycling experience on water.

Using the same foiling technology as America’s Cup sailboats, the XE-1 is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. Cycle along ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.


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Production Schedule Status Estimated Delivery
2021 Run A Complete May
2021 Run B Complete June
2021 Run C Open July
2021 Run D TBC TBC


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Hydrofoiler XE-1 Top Specs

  • Ride time
    Up to 4 hours
  • Battery capacity
    882 Wh
  • Top Speed
    21 kph | 13 mph | 11 kn
  • Recharge time
    3 hours
  • Minimum foiling speed
    9 kph | 6 mph | 5 kn
  • Total weight
    31 kg | 68 lbs


    How much is shipping?

    All Hydrofoiler XE-1’s are packed and delivered to your preferred shipping address. Orders will be shipped in order of reservation number.


    • United States: starting from $495 USD to contiguous United States; $750 USD per bike to Hawaii; $1,000 USD per bike to Alaska
    • Europe/UK: starting from €420 EUR*
    • New Zealand: $125 NZD per bike

    * Switzerland customers will pay an additional €33,75 per bike for T1 documentation fee.

    Taxes (incl. VAT) are not included in the shipping cost. Subject to state and local taxes. Customs and handling fees are included in the shipping price.

    What are the terms of the warranty?

    All Hydrofoiler XE-1’s come with a comprehensive replacement warranty for all XE-1 components and frame. To read more about the warranty, please click here.

    To read more about the terms and conditions of sale, please click here.

    How fast can I expect to learn to ride?

    If you can ride a bike and swim you will be able to ride the Hydrofoiler XE-1. Certain techniques like the submerged launch take more time to master. Most people can launch from a beach or jetty within a few attempts. Manta5 has a wealth of resources to get you up and foiling quickly. See training.manta5.com.

    The most surreal cycling experience to date

    Join together a love of cycling and water. A community of riders is forming, and cycling on water’s future is set to be an exciting one. This is your chance to make history and play a pioneering role in shaping cycling’s new frontier in your backyard.

    Eco friendly

    7 levels of electric assist

    Top speed: 21 km/h
    Cruising speed: 9 km/h

    Up to 4 hours ride time

    Easy transport and assembly

    Handles chop and waves

    Record Breaking

    Crossing New Zealand’s Cook Strait – 29 km across one of the most notorious bodies of water.

    Become a pioneer. Order today.

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