Introducing the Hydrofoiler XE-1

The world’s first water bike that replicates the cycling experience on water.

Using the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats this Hydrofoil eBike opens up a whole new cycling frontier. Suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, riders can explore ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.

24 km Strait Crossing

Mini-documentary where Manta5 set a world record crossing the New Zealand’s most notorious body of water – the Cook Strait – riding 24 km on a hydrofoil bike between the North and South Island of New Zealand.

Become a Reseller

Manta5 is setting out to build cycling’s new frontier.  We’re looking for partners to help build a new global water sport.


Technical Specifications

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“One of the best toys and gadgets of 2018.”


“We hope to see it in the Olympics one day.”

“The bike will come into its own, marking the birth of a new sport.”

“Manta5 has created a thrilling world’s first.”


“With a cruising speed of around 10 mph, this offers tremendous opportunities for waterborne exploration”